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Why Engage a Professional Pet Sitter?
Many families learn the hard way that hiring a local teenager or depending on a family member or neighbor to care for their pets while they are away is a risk. No one loves their animals more than their human companions, so no one cares for them as well as they do. The next best option is to engage the professional services of someone with Katrina's gifts to care for Fido and Garfield.
Teenagers can be distracted by any number of situations - from social events to school. Neighbors and family members may seem ready to help, but often will not realize the importance of providing stress-free care for the pets. Often, due to lack of concern, experience or responsibility, the pet's welfare suffers. "I offer a variety of home and pet care services depending on the needs of my clients. My job is to facilitate peace of mind for pets and their owners. My business is about TLC - Trust, Love, and Care."
Research conducted by the American Humane Society revealed that pets do better at home, in their own beds, while their primary caregiver is absent. Staying in a familiar environment eliminates the pet's adjustment period to life in a kennel and during the subsequent return home. Katrina provides your pets the care they need while you're away -- right in your own home!
Benefits for your pets:
 They are content being in their own secure, familiar environment.
 Their special diet and customary routines can be maintained.
 Lessens stress-related diarrhea, vomiting and chewing.
 Avoids exposure to illness from other animals.
 Receives love and attention from an experienced caregiver.
Benefits for you:
 No more coaxing your pets into a carrier, or lifting the carrier in and out of the car for transport to a kennel.
 No need to impose on your friends, family, and neighbors.
 Care for your home while you are away.
 Easy access to updates on your pets and home during your absence.
 Peace of mind knowing that your pets are receiving professional care while you are away.
I've never used a professional pet sitting service before. How does this work?
I schedule an initial orientation visit with you at your home. This gives you an opportunity to meet me personally, ask questions and see how I interact with your pet(s) and vice versa. If you decide to utilize my services, I have a few forms that you will need to complete and sign. I will obtain information about your pet's food, medication and daily habits, review with you how you wish me to handle your mail and newspaper deliveries, home maintenance, security system, etc. You will need to provide a working key to your home during the initial visit. If I need to return to pick up the key, there will be an additional fee for this service.
What kind of paperwork needs to be signed?
At our initial orientation visit, you will be asked to review and sign a Service Agreement, Vet Authorization, and Boarding Authorization. We will also complete your Client Profile and you will receive a Guideline for Services & Rates. The Service Agreement outlines VIS-A-PET's policies, procedures and legal considerations and authorizes me to schedule future visits for you via phone or email. The Vet Authorization form gives me permission to seek medical care for your pet in the event of a medical emergency. The Boarding Authorization form grants me permission to board your pet outside of your home in the event of a home emergency. The Client Profile gives me all the information I need about your pet(s) medical history, food requirements, personal preferences, daily habits, etc. In addition, it will give me information on the care of your home and emergency contacts. These forms remain on file and are updated whenever changes occur.
Are you bonded and do you carry liability insurance?
Yes, as a member of Pet Sitters International, I follow the recommendations of these organizations by being bonded and carrying liability insurance. In addition, VIS-A-PET is a registered business in Denton County.
How long have you been in business and do you have references?
VIS-A-PET was established in May 2004. I have excellent references from existing pet sitting clients and will be glad to provide you with several names and phone numbers upon request.
How often do you visit our home, what do you do when you are there and how long is each visit?
I provide up to four daily visits. A basic visit is approximately 30 minutes in length. I first check on each pet's location and general health. Next, I meet the basic care needs of your pets. Once the basics are done, then I get to the fun part! I provide play and love time with your pets to help relieve any separation anxiety they may have. The animals look forward to our visits and I try to return at approximately the same time each day. If there are any pet "accidents" that I discover, I do my best to clean up the mess before departing.
How do I pay you for your services?
Payment is due in full on the first scheduled visit. Most of my clients either pay at the initial visit or leave a check inside the house to be picked up when I arrive. Please refer to Rate Guidelines.
What if we want you to board our pet in your home?
My service does not include boarding. I visit your home so that your pets can remain in a familiar environment while you are away.
What if I decide to return home early or stay later than planned?
All you have to do is call or email me with your change of plans. Since I have booked the time in my schedule, I am not able to refund visit fees for shortened service. If you need to extend your trip, I am always glad to make the extra visits required to care for your pet. The balance will be due upon your return. Refer to Service Agreement.
Do you provide food or supplies for my pet?
The client is required to provide all food for the pet as well as any litter box, cat litter, litter box liners, trash bags, litter scoop, cleaning supplies for pet "accidents", etc. If the food or supplies are not sufficient to last during the scheduled service period and I have to go to the store for supplies, the client will be charged a travel time fee as well as the cost of supplies.
Do you give medication to my pet?
I am happy to administer routine medications to your pets according to the schedule and dosage required by your veterinarian. There is no additional charge for giving medications.
What if I want a friend or relative to perform some of the visits in addition to or in lieu of your regularly scheduled visits?
Because of liability issues, I may not provide service for clients who request "shared care". While a friend or relative will have the best intentions in visiting your pets and your home, I cannot be responsible for the habits of others regarding locking doors, setting alarm systems, ensuring that a pet does not escape, giving proper amounts of food and medication, etc.
Can I call you while I am traveling or will you call me for updates?
You can call or email me at any time. I will respond as soon as possible as I check email and phone messages throughout the day and evening.
Are you available year round? How much notice do you need to provide service?
I do provide a year round service and am available around the major holidays and vacation periods for your convenience. I may become booked at peak times of the year. If that occurs, I will do my best to refer you to another pet sitting service. For new clients, I prefer a minimum of 2 week's notice in order to visit you, pick up key, and prepare the necessary paperwork. For existing clients, we prefer a minimum of 1 week's notice, and we can schedule the visits over the telephone or via email. Please note that there is an additional fee for visits on designated holidays. Refer to Service Agreement and Rate Guidelines.

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