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Katrina Tiner has not always been in the animal care business. She has a BBA in Human Resources Management and was Vice President/Human Resources in the Dallas office of a major US company. Then, over a year ago, during a "re-structuring" of the company, Vice President Tiner was laid off. Truly, every cloud has a silver lining - for someone - and the silver lining for all of Katrina's friends and family, and now her pet care clients, is that she has discovered her calling. "I began to work as a full time volunteer for the Flower Mound Humane Society during which I cared for the medical and emotional needs of rescued animals," says Katrina. "I found my true calling and became more involved in doing a valuable job for animals and their human companions, trying to meet the needs of both." Katrina's experience includes hands-on animal care. She has worked with vets, evaluated animals, coordinated medical care, and administered medicines. She has worked with adopting families, rescued animals and individuals providing home foster care for abandoned, abused, or unwanted animals.

Saint Francis and The Cat Whisperer
Katrina's magic with animals has earned her the nickname "St. Francis". St. Francis is the Patron of Animals. The good saint was the only son of a wealthy merchant, but he disavowed a comfortable life. He is best known for his love of nature and animals and it is reported in some circles that he could actually communicate with many creatures.

Katrina has the ability to soothe and calm even the most distressed dog or cat, and many of the animals entrusted to her care have been through some tough times. She seems to have a finely tuned sense to the needs of our four-legged companions and they respond well to her love and compassion.

She has also been dubbed "The Cat Whisperer," a play on the famous horse whisperer who could break horses by his gentle touch. This is no doubt the reason for Katrina's ability to calm and "tame" feral cats. In fact, she has cared for cats that were initially wild and unsocialized that are now very comfortable in their domestic homes.

The animals in her home are testimony to Katrina's peaceful and loving relationship with domestic companions. She has one dog she chose to adopt after her previous owner gave her up due to aggression issues. Now Kahlua, a German shepherd/chow mix, sleeps in doggie contentment at her human caregiver's feet, as a bevy of beautiful felines sniff, snooze, play and rub against Katrina's legs.

"Over the years, I have cared for numerous dogs and cats," says Katrina. "I have learned that animals have unique personalities, behaviors and needs based on their own experiences with human care givers. You have to understand these differences in order to provide the best care for the pet."

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